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What is the difference between each of the categories?


Product Purchase, Mobile Device and Travel Insurancechevron_right

These coverages may be included with your credit card. This may include purchase assurance/security/protection, extended warranty, mobile device insurance, trip cancellation or interruption insurance, flight delay insurance, baggage delay or loss insurance, hotel/motel burglary insurance, rental car collision/loss damage waiver insurance and emergency travel medical insurance. Price protection service may also be included.


Credit Card Balance Insurance Coverage and Insurance for Loanschevron_right

These coverages can help you meet your payment obligations by paying your credit card balance or making monthly payments when you experience a major life change or event. This may include job loss and unemployment, total disability, disability requiring hospitalization, critical illness, loss of self-employment due to business closure, loss of life, and milestone/celebration/life events.


Auto Loan/Lease Creditor Insurancechevron_right

This coverage can help protect your auto loan or lease obligation by paying the balance due or making monthly payments in the event of an eligible loss such as job loss, total disability, diagnosis of a critical illness or loss of life.


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